5 ways to survive Easter without turning into a chocolate egg

Easter, like any other big celebration has a big focus on food and most particularly, chocolate. It is a time for celebration, families coming together and eating big meals. Supermarket shelves are filled with Easter eggs months in advance and there seems to be no escaping the inevitable barrage of chocolate and sweets.

In this blog I'm aiming to show you that it does not have to be this way and you can still do Easter treats without the sugar handover.

It doesn't have to be eggs

If your family and friends do give Easter presents, remember that it doesn't have to be chocolate eggs. I have asked my husband to get me a new cookbook I've had my eye on. Admittedly this is fuelling a whole other addiction of mine but at least it's healthy and is going to result in some tasty and nutritious meals! My mum, who is not a fan of chocolate at all has had numerous alternative 'Easter eggs' over the years which is normally a little treat for the home.

If you make it clear that you would prefer not to have chocolate, you might be pleasantly surprised. A simple bunch of flowers will be a similar cost to an Easter egg and will likely last a lot longer!

Go back to the roots

The basis of Easter is a religious festival. These traditions and rituals can play an important part for your health as well as having a spiritual meaning. For example, Good Friday has always traditionally been a fast day where many people opt to eat light meals and at the least avoid meat on that day. Whether you choose to do so for religious reasons or not, make this your 'lighter' day of the Easter weekend.

Make your own

Try your hand at some treats or desserts that are lower in sugar and much better for you. Giving homemade gifts means that much more than a shop bought egg and it benefits everyone. My recipe for chocolate truffles is a a good option for a healthier, indulgent Easter gift.

Take advantage of Spring

For most people, Easter means at least 4 days off in a row. Take advantage of this and the (hopefully) better weather and get outdoors. Go for a walk with your family, organise an Easter egg hunt in the garden but make the 'eggs' a mixture of normal ones and healthier alternatives or a little toy for the children. This is a great opportunity to get a bit more active and work off any chocolate you have eaten.

Indulge differently

Indulgence is still important but treat yourself in a different way. Make time for a relaxing bath, read a book, book a massage or take a trip to the cinema. Anything that is a treat for you can help to reduce the mounds of chocolate.

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